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Transforming African Aviation


As the specialized agency of the African Union responsible for Civil Aviation matters in Africa, enhancement of Environmental protection in Africa is one of the Strategic Objectives of AFCAC.

Aviation industry is global in nature and therefore environmental impacts are global. AFCAC recognizes that Environmental Protection in Africa will be achieved through;

  • Cooperation and collaboration with aviation stakeholders and states in development of standards.
  • Assisting member States to develop their respective States’ Action Plans in collaboration with ICAO.
  • Encouraging States to modernize their Air Traffic Management systems including Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
  • Encouraging African airlines to acquire more environment friendly aircraft by taking advantage of the provisions of the Cape Town Convention and Protocol (Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment)
  • Urging States to take measures to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and manage the environmental impacts of aviation (Noise and Emission).

AFCAC continues to support African States to pursue all aviation matters related to environmental protection with a strong commitment to ICAO's  leadership on the matter.

Focus areas are;

  1. Climate Change

ICAO’s two aspirational goals for the international aviation sector;

  • 2% annual fuel efficiency improvement through 2050.
  • Carbon neutral growth from 2020 onwards (CNG 2020).

To achieve the goals;

  • Aircraft related technology and standards improvement.
  • Improved Air traffic management and operational improvements.
  • Development and deployment of sustainable aviation fuels.
  • CORSIA – (Global Market Based Measure to offset international aviation CO2 emissions)


  1. CORSIA implementation

CORSIA Homepage

Assembly Resolution A39-3

Knowledge Sharing platform

CORSIA Templates

Template of Emissions Monitoring Plan (Aeroplane operator to State)  

Template of Emissions Report (Aeroplane operator to State)

Template of CORSIA eligible fuels supplementary information to the Emissions Report (from aeroplane operator to State)

CORSIA Implementation Elements  

CORSIA States for Chapter 3 State Pairs

ICAO CORSIA CO₂ ​Estimation and Reporting Tool (CERT)

Version 2018 of the ICAO CORSIA CERT

Technical details on the development and use of the ICAO CORSIA CERT

CORSIA Eligible Fuels

CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units

CORSIA Central Registry (CCR)

Additional Material for CORSIA Implementation

CORSIA Buddy Partnerships

Example Regulatory Framework

Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on CORSIA and related responses is available for down​load here

Brochure and Leaflets

Benefits for CORSIA participation


CORSIA Seminars

CORSIA Online Tutorials

CORSIA background information

CORSIA action checklist

CORSIA offsetting requirements steps

IATA Airline handbook


  1. State action plan development

State Action Plan Frequently Asked Questions

State Action Plan Facts and Figures

Assistance to States

ICAO / European Union (EU) Assistance Project financed by the EU

  1. ICAO / UNDP Assistance Project financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF)Noise

Aircraft Noise

Reduction of Noise at Source

  1. Air Quality


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