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Video presenting our african candidates to the ICAO Council (2022 - 2025)


Mr. Levers Mabaso

Representative South Africa
AFI Group Coordinator

Mr. Mabaso has occupied several senior positions in the Department of Transport of South Africa. From 2015 to 2019, he served as Acting Chief Director responsible for Aviation Safety, Security, Environment and Search & Rescue. He has previously served as Council Member representing South Africa from 2012 to 2014. He was the Chairperson of the Regional Aviation Safety Group for Africa and the Indian Ocean Region (RASG-AFI) until December 2019.

Mr. Mabaso has served in a number of leadership roles, including as Chairperson of the SADC Civil Aviation Committee, 2017–2018; Fourth Vice-Chairperson of the ICAO Legal Committee, 2016–2019; Chairperson of the Air Transport Committee of the ICAO Council (2013–2014); Vice-Chairperson of Human Resources Committee of the ICAO Council (2012); Member of the Board of the South African Civil Aviation Authority (2011); Vice President of the Diplomatic Conference held in Montreal, Canada, to adopt the Protocol amending the Tokyo Convention (2014); Second Vice President of the Diplomatic Conference that adopted the Beijing Convention (dealing with aviation security) 2010; Chairperson of the Civil Aviation Regulations Committee (Committee responsible for drafting and preparing, for Minister’s approval, the Civil Aviation Regulations; Chairperson of the Aviation Sub Sector Task Team responsible for the preparation of the hosting of the 2010 Soccer World Cup; Chairperson of the National Aviation Security Committee; Chairperson of the National Air Transport Facilitation Committee; Chairperson of the South African Search and Rescue (SASAR) Organisation; Convener and Chairperson of the First Airport Coordinating Committee (the Committee considering application for international status by the airports) and Chairperson of the Legal Commission during the ICAO 37th Assembly that took place in Montreal, Canada (2010).

Mr. Djibril Ahmed Coulibaly

Representative Cote d'Ivoire

Since October 2019, Mr. Ahmed Djibril Coulibaly has served as Permanent Representative of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire on the Council of ICAO.

Prior to his appointment as Permanent Representative, Mr. Coulibaly held a number of positions of increased responsibility including as Director of Air Transport at the National Authority of Civil Aviation of Côte d’Ivoire (ANAC) from February to October 2019; Deputy Director of International Cooperation and Air Transport Development from 2017 to 2019; Head of Air Transport Development and Economic Regulation Department from 2016 to 2017; Head of Department Air Terminals/Marketing and Commercial Activities from September 2014 to January 2016; Head of Terminal Services from August 2012 to September 2014 and Representative of several airlines from 2009 to 2012.

Since commencing his mandate as the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire on the Council of ICAO, Mr. Coulibaly has served as a member of various Council Committees and Working Groups including the Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART), Small Ad Hoc Working Group on ICAO-Industry Consultative Forum, Working Group on Governance and Efficiency (WGGE), ICAO & EU Assistance Project Phase II Steering Committee as well as on the Air Transport, Finance, Unlawful Interference and Technical Cooperation Committees. He has also served on the AFCAC/AU Task Force for Aviation Recovery in Africa.

Mr. Coulibaly holds a Master’s Degree in Air Transport and a DES in Management from Paul Cézanne University. He also holds an Engineering Degree in Management, Marketing Communication among other academic achievements.

Dr. Sameh Ahmed Zaky Elhefny

Representative Egypt

Dr. Sameh Ahmed Zaky Elhefny was appointed Representative of Egypt on the ICAO Council on 9 January 2022. Dr. Elhefny is an experienced Professional Aviation Expert with 35 years of diversified experience in the aviation industry, including several years of senior management experience. He was the President of the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority as well as the Chairman and CEO of EgyptAir Holding Company and Chairman of Egyptian Aviation Academy.

Dr. Elhefny has served as member on several Executive Committees and Boards, such as IATA Board of Governors (BOG), Star Alliance Board of Directors, Egyptian Holding Company for Airports & Air Navigation (EHCAAN) Board, Cairo Airport Company (CAC) Board and Executive Committee of Arab Air-Carrier Organization (AACO) to name a few.

Dr. Elhefny holds a PhD in Aviation Crisis Management, Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Aerospace Management, MPA in Public Administration from the Arab Academy for Science & Technology, BA in Business Administration from the Ain Shams University and a Bachelor’s in Aviation Science Management from the Egyptian Aviation Academy. He is also a Captain, instructor and examiner of Airbus 330/340.

He is married and has one son who is an Egyptair Pilot.

Mr. Estanislao Esono Anguesomo

Representative Equatorial Guinea

From 1985 to 2014, Ambassador Esono Anguesomo, a former Senior Officer in the United Nations, has worked in Administration and Human Resources offices within the following Organizations and Specialized Agencies of the United Nations Common System: International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), United Nations Human Settlements (Habitat), United Nations Environmental Programme, Department of Peacekeeping Operations, and International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and former Yugoslavia.

In 2014, Ambassador Esono Anguesomo, Senior Officer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, was appointed Permanent Representative of Equatorial Guinea to ICAO, Montreal, Canada. In 2019, he was elected member of the ICAO Council to represent Equatorial Guinea, as well as the eleven (11) ICAO Members States on Rotation for Central Africa Subregion.

Since November 2019, he has served as 3rd Vice-President of the ICAO Council (2019-2020), 2nd Vice-President of the ICAO Council (2021-2022); chaired the following Committees and Working Groups: Air Transport Committee (ATC), Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART): Phase II and III, Small Working Group on the High Level Meeting on Long-term Aspirational Goal (HLM on LTAG - 2022); and has been Member of the following committees: Human Resources (HRC), Relations with Host Country (RHCC), Technical Cooperation (TCC), Cooperation with External Parties (CCEP), Finance (FIN), Governance (COG), the Small Group on the Ethics Framework Review, and Vice-Coordinator of the African and Indian Ocean Islands (AFI) Group. Ambassador Esono Anguesomo is a member of the Equatorial Guinea Diplomatic Corps and Member of the College of Masters and Doctors of Pure Philosophy and Private/Public International Law. He holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and Private/Public International Law from Complutense University, Madrid, Spain, and a Diploma in Aviation Management from IATA, Montreal, Canada

Mr. Mahmoud Sani Ben Tukur

Representative Nigeria

Since January 2020, Engr. Mahmoud Sani Ben Tukur is the Representative of Nigeria on the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal, Canada.

Engr. Ben Tukur brings with him a wealth of 25 years of experience acquired through a solid aviation career working both with the government and private sector. Prior to joining ICAO, as an aircraft maintenance engineer, instructor and aviation safety inspector, Engr. Ben Tukur was the Technical Assistant to the Nigerian Minister of Aviation and a General Manager (Airworthiness Standards) at the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. He has also held several coordination and regulatory positions of increasing responsibility within the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Aerocontractors Airlines of Nigeria, Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, and Kabo Airlines Limited Nigeria.

Engr. Ben Tukur is a member of various Standing Committees of the ICAO Council, including the Air Transport, Human Resources, Unlawful Interference and Finance Committees as well as the ICAO Council Working Group on Implementation, Strategy and Planning, and the Working Group on Governance and Efficiency. He is also a member of the ICAO Small Working Group that carried out a feasibility study on the mechanism to address cybersecurity.

In addition to holding an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Licence, Engr. Ben Tukur holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Riga Aviation University in Latvia and a Graduate Certificate in Aviation Safety and Security from the University of Southern California (Los Angeles, USA). He is also a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) of the United Kingdom and the Institution of Engineering and Technology in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Imadeldin Mohamed Elhag

Representative Sudan

Mr. Imadeldin Mohamed Elhag was appointed Representative of Sudan on the ICAO Council on 1 October 2021. Mr. Elhag is a Professional Aviation Expert with experience in several Aviation Fields.

His work experience includes Air Traffic Control (ATC), Airspace design, Airport Management, Aircraft Incident Investigations and Aviation Safety. Mr. Elhag has served as the Technical Assistant Director General within the Sudan Civil Aviation Authority.

Mr. Elhag holds an ATC Diploma from Civil Aviation College in Baghdad and several course certificates completed for Area surveillance and Area control services at Queen Noor College in Jordan, Approach radar from Dundridge college UK, RVSM Training in Cairo, Instructional technique/Needs Assessment and Design course from IATA. He is also the owner of Cwmbron Aviation Academy and Alsaiam Graduates Centre.

Mr. Vincent Banda

Representative Zambia

Vincent Banda is the Permanent Representative of Zambia to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Council and Permanent Representative of Southern African Development Community (SADC) to ICAO. During his tenure, he has served as the Third Vice-President of the ICAO Council and the African and Indian Ocean Islands-AFI group Coordinator at ICAO.

Vincent Banda holds a Master’s of Business Degree from Milpark Business School in South Africa; his first degree is a Bachelor of Commerce. He joined the ICAO Council as an Alternate Representative in September 2016. He was elected to the ICAO Council as a Council Representative in October 2019 at the 40th ICAO Assembly. Vincent has served on various ICAO Council Committees, including the Finance Committee (FIC), Technical Corporation Committee (TCC), Advisory Group on CORSIA (AGC), Human Resources Committee (HRC), and Edward Warner Award Committee, and he is the former Chairperson of the Committee on Cooperation with External Parties (CCEP). Vincent was appointed as a member of the ICAO Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART I, II and III) on COVID- 19. He was also appointed Chairperson of the Coordination team for the African Union High Level Task Force (HLTF) on COVID-19. He is the current Coordinator of the African and Indian Ocean Islands (AFI) group at ICAO and also sits on the African Civil Aviation Commission governing body (the AFCAC Bureau).

Vincent has over 30 years of international experience in the aviation sector. His activities include acting as a link between ICAO and the 16 Member States of the Southern Africa Development Community- (SADC). He supports the work of ICAO within the context of the ICAO objectives such as safety, air navigation capacity and efficiency, security and facilitation, economic development of air transport and environmental protection.

Prior to joining ICAO, Vincent was based in South Africa as COO and CEO of BidAir Cargo Africa and BidAir Cargo Tanzania, respectively. As a Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer, Vincent created a cargo outsource concept that designed a systematic expansion of the company from a presence in two countries to nine African countries, which created a network that linked Southern, Central and Eastern Africa while attracting intercontinental airline interline agreements. Vincent also held several managerial positions when he worked for the National Carrier Zambia Airways and later Aero Zambia Limited before joining BidAir Cargo (Pty) Ltd.

Ms. Anita Adjei Nmashie

Representative Ghana

Mrs Anita Adjei-Nmashie became a female role model when she broke into the male-dominated aviation industry in Ghana – a responsibility she takes as seriously as her current role as the Permanent Representative of Ghana to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Montreal Canada. She took up her first position in the industry with the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority in 1991 as an Air Traffic Controller where she was the only female among over 50 men. In 2000, she moved onto another male- dominated department of the Authority, becoming the only female Aviation Safety Inspector in Ghana among 13 men. In 2004, Mrs. Adjei -Nmashie became the Manager for Aerodrome Safety and Standards under the Safety Regulations Department, a position which put her in charge of Aerodrome Certification in Ghana. By dint of hard work and leadership ability, she successfully led a team to greater heights by certifying Ghana’s main international airport. In the eyes of the international community, Ghana became a pace setter in aviation in the sub region. The certification of Kotoka International Airport brought the nation closer to actualizing the vision of the government of Ghana in making the country the preferred gateway to West Africa. Ghana subsequently became a Champion state for Aerodrome Certification in Africa in collaboration with ICAO Regional offices (WACAF and ESAF).

In 2018, Mrs Adjei-Nmashie became the Deputy Director, Safety Regulation with a scope of oversight responsibilities covering Aerodrome Safety and Standards including certification of Helicopter landing sites and Ground Operations, Air Traffic Services, Personnel licensing, Flight Operations, Aviation Security and Quality Control and Airworthiness. Ghana had the highest Effective Implementation (EI) score of 89.89 in Africa under the comprehensive and continuous monitoring Approach (CMA) USOAP Program in 2019. She holds numerous certificates in various fields of expertise in recognized colleges and institutions around the world including the Air Traffic and Navigation Services College South Africa ( Air traffic Control), Mike Moroney Institute USA( Obstruction Evaluation and Airport Airspace Analysis ,OE/AAA), Singapore Aviation Academy (modules in Aerodrome Engineering). Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration(BPA), Post graduate diploma in Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management (DOSHEM) and an Executive Masters in Public Administration (EMPA) all from Ghana Institute of Management and Professional Administration(GIMPA).

Munyaradzi Waniwa

Representative Zimbabwe

Mr. Munyaradzi Waniwa took office as Representative of Zimbabwe to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as well as Alternate Representative at the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Permanent Mission to ICAO on 1st of September 2021. Before arriving in Montreal, he served as Director of Air Transport in the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe responsible for international relations and policy. He is best known for his role as lead negotiator for bilateral air service agreements and for championing the implementation of the “Open Skies Policy” which saw a significant expansion in air services and traffic growth in Zimbabwe.

Prior to taking up office as Director of Air Transport, Mr Waniwa served in a number of roles including: Air Transport Expert in the Department of Air Transport; Competition Economist in the Competition and Tariffs Commission, where he assessed high profile mergers and acquisitions in the financial services and manufacturing sectors; and as a Senior Economist in the

Ministry of Finance’s Division of Economic Affairs, also representing the Government of Zimbabwe on the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) Economic Affairs Committee.

Mr. Waniwa was born in Chitungwiza a city outside the Capital Harare and is married with two children. He graduated with Honours in Economics from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Zimbabwe and is presently a candidate in the Masters in Sustainable Air Transport Management Programme. Mr Waniwa has also undergone training in Economic Modelling, Project Management (Prince2), Aviation Law, Civil Aviation Management and Diplomacy (Institute of Diplomacy, Zimbabwe).

Hiwot Mosisa Deressa

Representative Ethiopia

Mrs. Deressa is an infrastructure development expert and CEO-level executive in public enterprises, with over 21 years of work experience. She is currently serving as the Head of Ethiopian Delegation to ICAO. Mrs. Deressa is a Civil Engineer by background and has advanced degree from University of Reading, UK, in Construction Management. She acquired Professional Engineer in Construction Management certificate issued by Ethiopian Construction Works Regularity Authority and is a member of Ethiopian Civil Engineers Association.

Mrs. Deressa served as State Minister of Transport (2018 - 2020) and played remarkable role in transport policy making, overseeing Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority activities including managing Ethiopia’s regional and international relations in Aviation. She also served as Deputy CEO of Ethiopian Airports Enterprise (2015 - 2017) being responsible for Civil and IT infrastructure development, facilitation and operations of 22 airports in Ethiopia including Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. She has over 10 years of experience in local and cross-country highways development that paved her a way to gain invaluable skills in planning, procurement, design, construction and maintenance management. In her leadership carrier in the past 10 years, she served as a board member for 8 and as a chairmanship for 3 public enterprises, universities and semi-regularity organs in Ethiopia.

With ample experience as CEO of three Public Enterprises (Ethio-Engineering Group, Ethiopian Toll Roads Enterprise and Ethiopian Airports Enterprise), coupled with her participation in various Board of Directors, she acquired leadership, business development, negotiation, advocacy and communication skills. Representing Ethiopia at international arena and working with bilateral and multilateral development partners, she gained ability in maximizing a given potential and cherishes the principles of multilateralism.

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