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The AFI-CIS program includes AIR/OPS/AGA/ANS - Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are qualified to offer specific and detailed technical assistance in the audit area of “AIG.” Technical assistance is available in the following critical elements of a safety oversight system:-

  • CE 1 (Legislation- (limited to recommended legislative text only));
  • CE 2 (Specific Operating Regulations-(limited to recommended regulatory text only));
  • CE 4 (OJT to national inspectors);
  • CE 5 (limited to Technical guidance material);
  • CE 8 (Resolution of Safety Concerns).

Specific assistance in “AIG” is conducted consistent with the AFI-CIS MOU and it includes the following tasks:-

  1. Recommend amendments to Legislation and Specific Operating Regulations;
  2. Conduct audits of past certification and surveillance activities;
  3. Resolution of Safety Concerns;
  4. Assist Member States during the preparation of Compliance Checklist for ICAO Annexes and CMA Protocol Questions including uploading of compliance data on the CMA online framework;
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