New - (Accra, Ghana , 2-5 April 2013 ) AFCAC 23eme Session Pleniere


23eme Session Pleniere de la CAFAC


La 23eme Session Pleniere de la CAFAC sera tenue au Movempick Ambassador Hotel a ACCRA

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  ALL arriving passengers in Ghana are required to have their YELLOW CARD/ INOCULATION CERTIFICATE ready for inspection by Port Health Officials.


1. Formulaire d'enregistrement du Movempick Hotel (pdf)

2. Draft Agenda (pdf)

3. Formulaire d'enregistrement de la Session Pleniere (pdf)

3. Draft Work Program (pdf)

4. Liste des Hotels (pdf)

5. Bulletin d'information (pdf)


1. Letter from Ghana Immigration Service to Airlines (jpg)

2. Baggage Identification Tag (jpg)


(ACCRA, GHANA, 2 - 5 APRIL 2013 )

------ Download All The Papers Here -----

  1. WP/1 Draft Agenda (Revised) (pdf)

  2. WP/2 Draft Work Programme ( Revised) (pdf)

  3. WP/3 Progress Report on the Implementation of AFI-CIS (pdf)
  4. WP/4 Progress Report on the Abuja Plans of Action on Safety (pdf)
  5. WP/5 Technical Cooperation in Human Resource Development (pdf)
  6. WP/6 Rapport du Comite Technique de la CAFAC (pdf)
  7. WP/7 Strengthening AFCAC with Human Resource (pdf)
  8. WP/8 Revised AFCAC Constitution 2009 : Request for States to Sign and Ratify (pdf)

  9. WP/9 Insight into Legal Matters: Signature and Ratification of some important International Air Law Instruments(pdf)

  10. WP/10 The African Civil Aviation Policy (AFCAP) (pdf)
  11. WP/11 
  12. WP/12 Report of the Air Transport Committee (pdf)

  13. WP/13

  14. WP/14

  15. WP/15 Administrative, Accounting and Financial Procedures Manual, Procurement Code and the Service Code(pdf)

  16. WP/16

  17. WP/17

  18. WP/18

  19. WP/19

  20. WP/20 Environment (pdf)

  21. WP/21 Ratification of the Report of the 22nd Plenary (Extraordinary)Session(pdf)

  22. WP/22
  23. WP/23
  24. WP/24
  25. WP/25 Implementation of The Yamoussoukro Decision (pdf)
  26. WP/26
  27. WP/27 Implementation of AU Decisions and Actions Plan on Air Transport (pdf)
  28. WP/28 Amendements aux Conventions de La Haye et de Montreal (pdf)
  29. WP/29 ICAO Progress report on the area of Safety (pdf)

  30. WP/30 Assistance AVSEC de l'OACI aux Etats Africains (pdf)

Declaration :

AU Statement on the Opening Ceremony (pdf)


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New - (Accra, Ghana , 2-5 April 2013 ) AFCAC 23eme Session Pleniere

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