(06-07 November 2017,Dakar-SENEGAL) 27th AFCAC Plenary Session (Extraordinary)

The Bureau of AFCAC has directed that the Twenty-Seventh AFCAC Plenary Session (Extraordinary) be convened from 6-7 November, 2017 in Dakar, Senegal.
AFCAC wishes to again call your attention to Rule 6 (1), (2) of the Rules of Procedure for Plenary Meetings adopted at the 24th Plenary Session (Extraordinary) held in Dakar, Senegal, from 1-4 July, 2014 which stipulates that:
“Each participating Delegation at the AFCAC Plenary shall be provided with Credentials. Such Credentials, which must have the names of the persons constituting the member State’s delegation and indicating the capacity in which each person is to serve, shall be submitted to the Secretary General of AFCAC in advance or at registration. Only in exceptional circumstances credentials may be accepted after registration.”
“The Credentials shall be signed either by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Minister in charge of civil aviation, the Ambassador or High Commissioner of the member State concerned, accredited to the host State or to the AU.” 
Again, for clarity, you may wish to note that the delegations of member States may be composed of Delegates, Alternates and Advisers. One of the Delegates shall be designated as the Chief Delegate. In case of his or her absence, the Chief Delegate may designate another member of the Delegation to serve in his or her stead with the power to approve and sign the Conclusions, Resolutions and/or Declarations emanating from the Plenary. 
AFCAC wishes to thank the States which have already confirmed their participation in the Session while counting on the collaboration and support of all AFCAC States to attend the meeting.


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(06-07 November 2017,Dakar-SENEGAL) 27th AFCAC Plenary Session (Extraordinary)

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