AFI - CIS Programme

AFI Cooperative Inspectorate Scheme (AFI-CIS)

In order to eliminate safety deficiencies and enhance aviation safety in the AFI Region, African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) with the technical support of ICAO started the implementation of the AFI-Cooperative Inspectors Scheme, the AFI-CIS project.

The objective of the project is to assist African States to reduce their Lack of Effective Implementation (LEIs) of the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs)

Through a pool of qualified and experienced Aviation Safety Inspectors from within the region, States are assisted in addressing safety oversight deficiencies.

The project includes a step-by-step process to assist States to develop and effectively implement safety oversight corrective action plans; and to carry out certification and surveillance activities.

The Cooperative Inspectors Scheme has enabled Africa to mobilize its resources among various States. In this regard, ICAO’s continuous support through its Regional Offices and the AFI-PLAN has enabled AFCAC to succeed in assisting States. More engagements and collaborative efforts will be further required in implementing the AFI-CIS project to assist States in addressing and resolving their Safety Oversight deficiencies and Significant Safety Concerns.  This will ensure that African States continuously meet their safety oversight obligations thus changing the image of our Continent.

We have to reinforce the confidence of other stakeholders and show that Africa is committed to addressing its various challenges in order to ensure the continued safe and sustainable growth of Civil Aviation in Africa

AFCAC looks forward to strengthening an excellent working relationship with all stakeholders in order to enhance aviation safety, security and other air transport activities in Africa.


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(20-24 November 2017, Bujumbura, BURUNDI) Safety Auditing Techniques Course

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