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African Civil Aviation

Meetings and Conferences

(13 - 14 Nov 2019, Dakar - SENEGAL) Journee YD 2019 - 20e Anniversaire de YD & 50e Anniversaire de la CAFAC

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Trainings and Fellowships

(17-18 July 2019, Addis Ababa - ETHIOPIA) CASE Project Workshop on Cargo and Mail Security

GCAA International Cooperation Training Plan

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The functions of the Plenary shall be to:

  • issue policy guidelines through resolutions and recommendations;
  • elect the President and Vice-Presidents to serve as members of the Bureau;
  • approve the Organizational Structure of AFCAC and appoint the Secretary General upon the recommendation of the Bureau;
  • approve the work programme, business plan, budget, rules and regulations of AFCAC;
  • establish committees and working groups, as necessary, to undeltake special assignments or tasks on civil aviation in Africa, with such functions as may be specified, and appoint their members;
  • approve such other activities, rules and procedures as deemed appropriate, to meet the objectives of AFCAC;
  • appoint External Auditors of AFCAC;
  • consider and take appropriate action on the External Auditors report;
    ensure the effective implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision, principally the liberalization of air transpOlt services;
  • adopt the financial rules and regulations, accounting and auditing rules and regulations for AFCAC;
  • submit its tri-an nuai report on the state of implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision to the Assembly of Heads of State and Government through the Executive Council;
  • adopt its rules of procedure, including the establishment of committees as deemed appropriate as weil as the Rules of Procedures of the Bureau; and
  • undertake such other functions as may be requested or conferred upon it by the relevant Organs of the AU, the Monitoring Body and the Sub-Committee of Air Transport.
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