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African Civil Aviation

Meetings and Conferences

(POSTPONED) Capacity Building Workshops on Economic Oversight and Regulation for Sustainable Development of Air Transport in Africa

(28 - 30 January 2020, Marrakech - Morroco) Regional Seminar on Innovation and CyberSecurity

Previous meetings

Trainings and Fellowships

(POSTPONED) Customised Auditing Techniques and Best Practices

GCAA International Cooperation Training Plan

Previous trainings

The functions of the Plenary shall be to:

  • issue policy guidelines through resolutions and recommendations;
  • elect the President and Vice-Presidents to serve as members of the Bureau;
  • approve the Organizational Structure of AFCAC and appoint the Secretary General upon the recommendation of the Bureau;
  • approve the work programme, business plan, budget, rules and regulations of AFCAC;
  • establish committees and working groups, as necessary, to undeltake special assignments or tasks on civil aviation in Africa, with such functions as may be specified, and appoint their members;
  • approve such other activities, rules and procedures as deemed appropriate, to meet the objectives of AFCAC;
  • appoint External Auditors of AFCAC;
  • consider and take appropriate action on the External Auditors report;
    ensure the effective implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision, principally the liberalization of air transpOlt services;
  • adopt the financial rules and regulations, accounting and auditing rules and regulations for AFCAC;
  • submit its tri-an nuai report on the state of implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision to the Assembly of Heads of State and Government through the Executive Council;
  • adopt its rules of procedure, including the establishment of committees as deemed appropriate as weil as the Rules of Procedures of the Bureau; and
  • undertake such other functions as may be requested or conferred upon it by the relevant Organs of the AU, the Monitoring Body and the Sub-Committee of Air Transport.
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