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African Civil Aviation

East African Community (EAC)


The Commission aims to improve and strengthen co-operation on the basis of the historical ties and understanding between the people of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. In this regard the countries emphasise co-operation in the priority areas of transport and communication, trade and industry, security, immigration and the promotion of investment in the region.

The EAC's bid to create a single East African market entails easing travel restrictions, harmonising tariffs, increasing co-operation among security forces, improving communications, sharing electrical power and addressing Lake Victoria issues. Concrete measures toward integration include freely exchangeable currencies (and ultimately a single currency), a common East African passport, a common flag and a double taxation accord. It also aims to abolish all tariffs with the aim of attaining economic and political integration. Each member would, however, be allowed to extract a maximum 10% surcharge on some products in order to protect indigenous industries, especially in the smaller economies of Tanzania and Uganda. This will be achieved through the establishment of a Customs Union as the entry point of the Community, a Common Market, subsequently a Monetary Union and ultimately a Political Federation of the East African States. The regional organisation aims at achieving its goals and objectives through: - 

  • promotion of a sustainable growth and equitable development of the region, including rational utilisation of the region's natural resources and protection of the environment;
  • strengthening and consolidation of the longstanding political, economic, social, cultural and traditional ties and associations between the peoples of the region in promoting a people-centred mutual development;
  • enhancement and strengthening of participation of the private sector and civil society;
  • mainstreaming of gender in all its programmes and enhancement of the role of women in development;
  • promotion of good governance, including adherence to the principles of democracy, rule of law, accountability, transparency, social justice, equal opportunities and gender equality; and
  • promotion of peace, security and stability within the region and good

The East African Community operates on the basis of a five-year Development Strategy. The Strategy document spells out the policy guidelines, priority programmes and implementation schedules. The EAC strategy emphasises economic co-operation and development with a strong focus on the social dimension. The role of the private sector and civil society is considered as central and crucial to the regional integration and development in a veritable partnership with the public sector. Establishment of an internationally competitive single market and investment area in East Africa is accorded priority alongside the development of regional infrastructure, human resource, science and technology.

Member States:

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania

Contact Information

EAC Secretariat 
P.O. Box 1096 
Arusha, Tanzania 

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