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The 13th AFCAC-CAAS Onsite Programme Safety Auditing Techniques Training Course was opened in Bujumbura, Burundi on 20 November, 2017 by the Honourable Minister of Transport, Public Works and Equipment of Burundi.

In his Opening Remarks, Hon. Jean Bosco Ntunzwenimana highlighted AFCAC’s role in coordinating the development of civil aviation in Africa, while sparing no effort in helping African countries raise their level of implementation of ICAO SARPs on civil aviation safety and security through various forums and training courses and in so doing, Burundi was not left behind.

The Minister thanked the Government of Singapore for its very effective Training Academy and which has invested in cooperation with African States either directly or in cooperation with AFCAC or ICAO. He also requested the support of AFCAC and its partners, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and ICAO to help Burundi raise its current level of Effective Implementation (EI) to the global average of 60%.

The welcome Speech was delivered by the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Burundi, Mr. Emmanuel HABIMANA. He welcomed the organizers and the trainers of the training course as well as participants and referred to AFCAC as an organization dedicated to promoting the safety and security of civil aviation in Africa and whose activities in the area of enhancing capacity development is highly appreciated.

Mr. Papa Atoumane Fall, Director of Safety and Technical Services, on behalf of the Secretary General of AFCAC, expressed appreciation to the government of Burundi for hosting the training and thanked the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore for its capacity building efforts of African aviation professionals, under the subsisting MoU between CAAS and AFCAC.

Furthermore Mr. Fall recognized the generous and regular contribution of CAAS to AFCAC, through the organization of on-site training and the provision of various fellowships, adding that AFCAC is committed to assist African States in improving their levels of EIs in the spirit of the ICAO No Country Left behind Initiative.

Finally, he admonished participants to participate actively in the discussions and to share their safety oversight management experiences in the area of the establishment of safety audit programmes.

Mr. Allan Tang, Principal Training Specialist and the Course Instructor from the CAAS expressed Singapore’s sincere appreciation to the government of Burundi and particularly, the Civil Aviation Authority of Burundi for their warm hospitality and the excellent arrangements put together for the Training. 

Mr. Tang further thanked the African Civil Aviation Commission for organizing in cooperation with the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) the thirteenth, in the series of on-site courses, under the CAAS-AFCAC MoU, first signed in 1997.

The five-day course provided participants with a foundation on the principles and procedures for the conduct of safety audits on an aviation organization, through lectures and exercises. The Participants learnt about the roles of a team member in an audit; writing an audit finding accurately; establishing sound audit follow-up practices; and planning post-audit surveillance.

The Course was attended by a total number of 28 participants from Benin, Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Niger and Togo. Nominees from Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Comoros and Mali did not show up for the programme.

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